5% Discount

Discount Policy

Hidden Springs Maple offers a 5% discount on orders of 6 or more of the same syrup item.

When we say "order", we mean one purchase transaction with all items being shipped to the same address.

When we say "same syrup item", we mean the same size (volume) and packaging.

So for example, if you order 3 quarts and 3 pints of syrup, this will not qualify for the discount.

If you order 3 250-ml glass jugs of organic syrup and 3 250-ml glass bottles of "smoked" maple syrup, this won't qualify, either.

If, however, you order 3 quarts of Amber Rich and 3 quarts of Dark Robust (two different grades, same packaging) this order will qualify for the 5% discount.

The 5% discount applies only to the syrup items making up the 6 or more items in your order -- it will not apply to other items in you order.